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Treated Yellow Sapphire

(Treated Pukhraj)
Pukhraj Stone

Treated Pukhraj

treated-pukhraj When a customer approaches us for buying a Pukhraj Stone i.e Yellow Sapphire, we show him Treated Pukhraj and Natural Pukhraj then it depends on the customer which one he opts to buy. We give full details to our customer about difference between Treated and Natural Pukhraj. Yellow Colour in a Pukhraj commands a high price in the market and most of the Astrologers/ Pundits also recommend a Pukhraj/ Yellow Sapphire that is without inclusions and have a Deep Yellow Colour. Taking advantage of the ignorance of the people – most of the Jewellers, Astrologers and Pundits sell TREATED Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj which has a striking yellow colour and very little inclusions and earn huge profits by misguiding the trusting customers. Our en devour is to communicate to the customer all possible factual details so that he can take an informed decision.

Gem Selections is a right palace to buy all types of Gemstones including Pukhraj Stone, Located in Janakpuri, New Delhi we have the entire range of Treated Yellow Sapphires i.e. Treated Pukhraj Stone along with the complete range of Natural Yellow Sapphires i.e., Natural Pukhraj Stone but we always inform the customer that a Gemstone has passed through a process for enhancement of its colour and transperancy. We are fully responsible for our commitment about our product.

How let us understand what a Treated Pukhraj Stone is. A natural low quality Pukhraj is passed through high temperature and artificial colour is inserted into it. This process transforms a low grade Gemstone into a good looking piece which can fetch a good price in the market. The Astrological value of these Gemstones is Zero and ethical seller must inform his customer about the fact that the Gemstone is not in its true form but is treated to enhance its colour and transparency.

The readers must make sure while buying a Pukhraj Stone that it is a Natural Pukhraj Stone i.e. Natural Pukhraj Stone and not a Treated Piece. As treated Pukhraj Stone does not have any astrological effect.

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Pukhraj Stone


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