Natural Pukhraj
Natural Yellow Sapphire
(Ceylon Pukhraj)
Natural Heated Ceylon Yellow Sapphire
Natural Heated Ceylon Yellow Sapphire
(Natural Heated Ceylon Pukhraj)
Treated Yellow Sapphire
Peela Pukhraj
(Bangkok Pukhraj)
Pukhraj Stone

About Pukhraj

I am often amazed at the regularity with which I see a Pukhraj Stone in the Right Hand Index Finger of most of the Bank Officers, IAS Officers, Military Officers and politicians. This is the Gemstone of status and wealth and those desirous of getting these always wear a good Pukhraj Stone so that they can achieve a higher social plane in this world of ever growing competition.

Pukhraj is the Gemstone of Jupiter i.e., Bhrispati. In Hindu astrology it is said that if Jupiter in in kendra and well aspected then, even one born in a low family reaches the position of a King and enjoys all material comforts of life. As an Astrologer is we see a strong Jupiter we immediately reach a conclusion that the native will be a person of high status and will be well endowed with all kinds of wealth. But if one is not that favored by God and has a mediocre or weak Jupiter then wearing a Pukhraj Stone with a strong Aura can change the playing field in favor of the wearer.

Jupiter is the Priest and in all societies the Priest has the power to declare the ceremonies are complete and now the male and female are husband and wife. Then this relation is honored by the society. So where a male or female are facing problems in getting married then Pukhraj is recommended so that an early marriage is possible. Further if there are problems in married life and the husband and wife do not gel together or feel insecure about each other then also a good Pukhraj Gemstone is recommended.

Jupiter is the planet of learning and knowlege. So teachers, professors, research scholars and students gain by wearing this Gemstone.

In my long experience of recommending Gemstones I never got any report that a Pukhraj with strong Aura brought bad results. The only thing that has to be ensured is that the Pukhraj Stone was not a used Gemstone and secondly that it had a strong vibrant Aura.

Pankaj Khanna

Pukhraj Stone

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Pukhraj Stone

A - Quality - Rs. 41000/Rt  
A - Quality - Rs. 5100/Rt  
B - Quality - Rs. 31000/Rt  
B - Quality - Rs. 4100/Rt  
C - Quality - Rs. 25000/Rt  
C - Quality - Rs. 3100/Rt  
D - Quality - Rs. 18000/Rt.  
D - Quality - Rs. 2100/Rt.  
E - Quality - Rs. 11000/Rt.  
E - Quality - Rs. 1100/Rt.
F - Quality - Rs. 8100/Rt.  
G - Quality - Rs. 4100/Rt.  
H - Quality - Rs. 2100/Rt.  
Pukhraj Stone


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