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Natural Yellow Sapphire
(Ceylon Pukhraj)
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Natural Heated Ceylon Yellow Sapphire
(Natural Heated Ceylon Pukhraj)
Treated Yellow Sapphire
Peela Pukhraj
(Bangkok Pukhraj)
Pukhraj Stone

About Pukhraj

I am often amazed at the regularity with which I see a Pukhraj Stone in the Right Hand Index Finger of most of the Bank Officers, IAS Officers, Military Officers and politicians. This is the Gemstone of status and wealth and those desirous of getting these always wear a good Pukhraj Stone so that they can achieve a higher social plane in this world of ever growing competition.

Jupiter is the Priest and in all societies the Priest has the power to declare the ceremonies are complete and now the male and female are husband and wife. Then this relation is honored by the society. So where a male or female are facing problems in getting married then Pukhraj Stone is recommended so that an early marriage is possible. Further if there are problems in married life and the husband and wife do not gel together or feel insecure about each other then also a good Pukhraj Gemstone is recommended.

Jupiter is the planet of learning and knowlege. So teachers, professors, research scholars and students gain by wearing this Gemstone.
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pukhraj stone price

Natural Pukhraj Stone price in India is between rupees 1100 per Ratti (180 mili gram to = 1 Ratti) (200 mili gram to = 1 carat) to rupees 1, 50,000 per Ratti and above. Price depends on Astrological benefits, Pukhraj Stone quality is always dependent on the clarity, cut, and color of the gemstone.
In my long experience of recommending Gemstones I never got any report that a Pukhraj with strong Aura brought bad results. The only thing that has to be ensured is that the Pukhraj Stone was not a used Gemstone and secondly that it had a strong vibrant Aura.

Pankaj Khanna

Pukhraj Stone

The second choice as the metal for Pukhraj Stone should be Silver or Panchdhaatu. Pukhraj stone is worn in the index finger .

The Pukhraj Stone is said to be ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.

Pukhraj Stone can enhance your professional or business life and career. Marriage problems can be solved by wearing a pukhraj stone.

Pukhraj stone or Yellow Sapphire stone is a precious gemstone. It is known for its yellow color and represents the planet Jupiter.

Pukhraj Stone is said to be one of the safest stones that one can wear without having to fear.

Pukhraj gemstone also called as Yellow sapphire. It is an auspicious gemstone.

Sapphire is a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide It is typically blue in color,

FAQ’s on Pukhraj

Who should wear a Pukhraj
Who should wear a Pukhraj 1. Civil and Military Officers
2. Politicians
3. Industrialists
4. Business men
5. Professors
6. Writers
7. Directors
8. Those desirous of acquiring wealth and status in life
9. Those facing problems in getting married or in settling after marriage
10. Stock brokers

Benefits of wearing a Pukhraj Benefits of wearing a Pukhraj
1. This Gemstone improves the status of the wearer in society and family.
2. If a Pukhraj with a strong Aura is worn then the wealth of the wearer increases.
3. Gets an early marriage and happiness from marriage.
4. Improves the functioning of mind, person becomes a better thinker and decision maker.
5. Money, Properties, business, factories, agricultural lands, Gold, Silver and precious Gems increase.
6. Favours from the Government and from big people comes easy.

How to wear a Pukhraj How to wear a Pukhraj
The moment you bring a Pukhraj Stone home after getting it set in a pendant or ring you should dip it in Ganga Jal mixed with saffron. After this you should take it out only on a Thursday morning before 7.30AM and chant "Om! Graam Greem Groom Sah Guruve Namah" 108 times and then wear it in Right Hand Index finger.

Mantra for Pukhraj {}  Mantra for Pukhraj
Mantra for Pukhraj Stone is "Om! Graam Greem Groom Sah Guruve Namah"

Mantra should be chanted 108 times daily in a single sitting.
Additionally, PUKHRAJ is strengthened by Path and Chanting of:

( a ). Vishnu Shastra Nam ,
( b ). Vishnu Puran,
( c ). Bhagwat Gita,
( d ). Ramayan,
( e ). Satya Narayan Puja,

Finger for Pukhraj Finger for Pukhraj

Pukhraj Stone should be worn in Right Hand Index Finger.

Pukhraj in Astrology

Pukhraj Stone in Astrology
Pukhraj stone is the Gemstone of Jupiter i.e., Bhrispati. In Hindu astrology it is said that if Jupiter in in kendra and well aspected then, even one born in a low family reaches the position of a King and enjoys all material comforts of life. As an Astrologer is we see a strong Jupiter we immediately reach a conclusion that the native will be a person of high status and will be well endowed with all kinds of wealth. But if one is not that favored by God and has a mediocre or weak Jupiter then wearing a Pukhraj Stone with a strong Aura can change the playing field in favor of the wearer.

Chemical and physical properties of Pukhraj {}  Chemical and physical properties of Pukhraj
Mohs scale hardness : 9.0
Luster : Luster
Streak : white
Specific gravity : 3.95–4.03
Optical properties : 72.2
Refractive index : 1.768–1.772, 1.760–1.763

Pukhraj Information

Pukhraj Stone Information

In my long experience of recommending Gemstones I never got any report that a Pukhraj stone with strong Aura brought bad results. The only thing that has to be ensured is that the Pukhraj was not a used Gemstone and secondly that it had a strong vibrant Aura.

Pukhraj Pukhraj Pukhraj stone is one of the most sought after Gemstone among the Precious Gemstones in India . As per Prashar Rishi Hora Shastra, Pukhraj stone is the Gemstone of Jupiter i.e., Bhrispati which is the most sacred and benefic planet. Its favorable cosmic rays can change the course of life and make things favorable. In Hindu mythology Jupiter is the Guru of Devtas i.e., Gods and is a pious and helpful person. He is very influential and powerful person. When he wants to favor an individual he is able to rise high in life is endowed with all kinds of wealth, favors from opposite sex, children, respect and fame in the society. If one wears a Pukhraj stone with a strong AURA, the above mentioned favorable results of Jupiter starts flowing in.

A Pukhraj stone with a favorable AURA can bring about timely marriage and life filled with love after marriage.

Pukhraj stone is a must for a girl after she attains the marriageable age in good Indian families this gives her timely marriage and a satisfying personal life.

Pukhraj stone is the most favorable Gemstone for those aspiring for a life where status is most important. Thus, it is worn and worshiped by politicians, industrialists, civil and military officers.

Where to Buy Pukhraj in Delhi {}  Where to Buy Pukhraj Stone in delhi Buying a Pukhraj stone is not an easy decision. You have to choose a company that can

1. Have enough goodwill to be trusted for buying a Gemstone like Pukhraj,
2. Should be in the business of Gemstones for a considerable period of life.
3. Can give you value for money.
4. The people managing the store have knowledge of Gemology.

Once you have zeroed on a company that has all the above features then you have answer to your question “Where to Buy Pukhraj in Delhi”.
I can give a simple answer to your question “Where to Buy Pukhraj in Delhi”
Just walk in Khanna Gems Private Limited owned store Gem Selections, Shop No.8, A-3 DDA Market, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058 Mob:0091 9213932017
Now you have an answer to your question Where to buy Pukhraj stone in Delhi ?

Buy Pukhraj Stone Buy Pukhraj Stone To Buy Pukhraj Stone on has to first of all understand that any Gemstone will have a vast range of qualities available. A Pukhraj or Pukhraj Stone as it is called can be available in n number of varieties ranging from Rs. 525 per ratti to Rs.50000 per ratti.

A Gem of lower variety will have greater inclusions in it and a Gem of higher variety will have lower inclusions in it. As we rise in the ladder we will find that the LUSTURE will also keep on increasing and the Gemstone will look more pleasing to the Eye.

Where to Buy Pukhraj Stone {}  Where to Buy Pukhraj Stone Where to Buy Pukhraj stone is a very important question as, now a days so many Astrologers, Jewellers and Goldsmiths sell these Gemstones but they are not Trained Gemologists they do not know what they are buying nor do they know what they sell. Mostly the customer is duped in the process as he is just buying on faith.

Gem Selections,
New Delhi
What is a Bangkok Pukhraj Who should wear a Pukhraj

A Pukhraj stone which has been treated by filling external elements into it is called a Bangkok Pukhraj. Bangkok Pukhraj gives the feeling of artificial colour, Bangkok Pukhraj comes in various shades of Yellow, Brown and Orange.

The price range of Bangkok Pukhraj generally ranges from Rs.450 per ratti to Rs.7100 per ratti.
What is a Treated Pukhraj {}  Who should wear a Pukhraj

Pukhraj stone when extracted from mines comes in various qualities. There are low qualities Pukhraj Stones and high quality Pukhraj stones.

The difference in quality in indicated by the inclusions and shine of the Pukhraj Stones. Low quality Pukhraj stones have a lot of inclusions in them and are of dull with lifeless colour.

But Astrologers and Pundits recommend to their clients that "Wear a Peela Pukhraj with minimum inclusions in it". This kind of Pukhraj stone comes at a very high price and everyone can not afford it, so a process of treatment in which either glass, beryllium or other external materials are filled in the Pukhraj stone started.

By this process the inclusions in the Pukhraj stone gets less visible and the colour and luster improves. This makes the Pukhraj stone look better to look at and its perseved value is increases.
Is Bangkok Pukhraj a Natural Pukhraj {}  How is a Pukhraj Stone Treated {}  What is Pukhraj Stone Pukhraj Stone Test Pukhraj Stone price per ratti White Pukhraj Stone Pukhraj Stone Benefits in Hindi Pukhraj Stone Price Pukhraj Stone in English Pukhraj Ratan> Pukhraj Gem Pukhraj Gemstone Pukhraj Stone Delhi

   CEYLON -PUKHRAJ                                                                  BANGKOK - PUKHRAJ/TREATED PUKHRAJ
Pukhraj Stone

A - Quality - Rs. 41000/Rt  
A - Quality - Rs. 5100/Rt  
B - Quality - Rs. 31000/Rt  
B - Quality - Rs. 4100/Rt  
C - Quality - Rs. 25000/Rt  
C - Quality - Rs. 3100/Rt  
D - Quality - Rs. 18000/Rt.  
D - Quality - Rs. 2100/Rt.  
E - Quality - Rs. 11000/Rt.  
E - Quality - Rs. 1100/Rt.
F - Quality - Rs. 8100/Rt.  
G - Quality - Rs. 4100/Rt.  
H - Quality - Rs. 2100/Rt.  
Pukhraj Stone


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